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Welcome to our store. We are doing our best to keep our rates as low as possible and try recycling packaging we use for shipping as much as possible. This both help us keep the shipping rates low and keeping packaging away from the landfills.

The bricks are all used and from different generations of Lego lovers so coloring and mold of bricks may vary. See below information about part condition.

We try to keep the prices fairly low, so if you see an item that the price does not make any sense please contact us. We are just humans and can make mistakes.

Please watch the details on the sets. The comments will state if the set is complete or if it missing anything, like instructions, a box or any of the pieces. The set will not have the extra pieces that LEGO provides, since the sets were all built, played with, enjoyed and the extra pieces got all mixed.

Part condition for all parts listed in my store:

  • All of the parts found in the store are USED.  This means it is possible that they have none, some, or all of the following: scratches, fading, nicks, dents, etc.  For parts that have stickers, it is possible that the original owner did not put the sticker on the exact spot you would have put it on.  Older stickers may have curled edges, nicks, scratches, bubbles, creases, etc.  If you are looking for perfect condition bricks, I would suggest ordering NEW, but you won't find that here unless it's still sealed in a box.
  • For people not aware of fading on LEGO Bricks, this mostly occurs on the white, light gray, and blue bricks.  The amount of fading can vary based on age, light exposure, etc. Some of our items will have a 'color may vary' stement, but we night have missed some of them.Be aware that there may be color variations when you order items.
  • Older and newer Lego parts might look a little different. There might be a gap in a clip in the newer version, where there is none in the older one. We try differentiate those, but not always.

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