Welcome to A Peace of Lego

*** We have reduced our minimum order to $1. We will see how this impact our store in the month of December and decide on a new minimum next year***

Come look aound the store. There are lots of bricks, sets, instruction books and mini figures to choose from.

The bricks are allĀ used and from different generations of Lego lovers so coloring and type of bricks may vary.

The gray ones are the most tricky ones, so please contact us if you are not sure what to expect.

We try to keep the prices fairly low, so if you see an item that the price does not make any sense please contact us. We are just humans and can make mistakes.

Please watch the details on the sets. The comments will state of the set is compplete or it missing anyhting, like instruction, box or any of the pieces. The set will not have the extra pieces that LEGO provides, since the sets where all build, played with, enjoyed and the extra pieces got all mixed.

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